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We Love Movie Night!

2016_08_04I started my morning off in Castle listening to the Glee class practicing their song for Final Show, and boy did they sound good! I heard shouting coming from King Arthur’s Court, so I went up to see what was happening. The Tennis class was hanging out, playing games since the courts were too wet to play on. I then decided to swing over to the Nature Nook for a nap, but the Nature classes were busy painting jars in the Nature Tree House. After watching the campers have fun painting their jars, I walked down to the Stables to see what the horseback riding classes were up to. They were having a scavenger hunt in the barn. What fun! As I headed back into camp, I saw the Landsports classes playing “Spud” and the Archery classes were hard at work honing in on their shooting skills. As I walked by the Ceramics class, I saw the campers were having fun making little figurines like, hearts and flowers.

Today was pizza day, a camp favorite among the campers and counselors alike! After sneaking a slice or two of pizza from the Dining Hall, I was on the docks while watching the boating and swimming classes. When no one was looking, I went down the waterslide! That night after Bag Supper, we all settled into Castle for Movie Night to watch Disney’s The Little Mermaid! My favorite part was when I snuck some popcorn when no one was looking!!

Sweet Dreams from the Hilltops,


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