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It’s Time for Captain Rainbow

2016_08_05I was snoozing down at the boat house, when I heard the bell ringing for the 1st activity period.  So, I decided to see what everyone was up to around camp. The canoeing classes got to play in the lake and the counselors tied a canoe to the dock to create a slide. What fun! And, over in the Swimming classes, campers got free swim. They had a blast sliding down the waterslide and jumping off the diving board. The Mountaineering group took some of the older campers out on the High Ropes Course. I loved going down the zip line. I saw the photography class down by the waterfront, taking pictures of the lake and Old Bald. Over on the Landsports Field, the Landsports classes got to play soccer before switching to Spud. I went up to King Arthur’s Court to watch the Tumbling class do cartwheels and back rolls. It looked like such fun. Up on the Tennis courts, the campers were having fun playing Jail.

Down at the Stables, I saw some of the campers taking the horses on a trail ride down the main camp road. In the Arts & Crafts hut, campers got to create cool pictures by drawing in pastels then painting over them in black paint. Once the paper dries, the campers scrape off some of the paint to create interesting designs. Before dinner, campers had the option of enjoying free swim. I even joined a few campers and went for a quick dip myself. Everyone was excited for tonight’s Evening Program, Captain Rainbow! He’s an eclectic entertainer that does skits, mime, juggling, fire eating, and balloon creations. The girls got to participate in some of the routines and the show finished with a big dance party and the distribution of party hats.

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