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Talent Night

2016_08_02It’s been a beautiful day here at camp, and I’ve been busy swinging through the trees, watching everyone busy with their activities. I started down by the waterfront where I saw the Arts & Craft classes drawing pictures of Old Bald, then I headed over to the docks to see the Sailing Class, Kayaking and Canoeing having fun on the lake. Over in the Swim classes, the campers were swimming laps and enjoyed being in the water. As I was walking through the backline, I saw the 1st period Landsports class playing volleyball and learning everyone’s name in the process. I then spotted something very peculiar, the Nature class was playing a game of “Tree Hugger” where the campers get into pairs and one has to close their eyes while their partner leads them to a tree. Then, they have to guess which tree they hugged. What folly!

During 2nd period, I saw another Landsports class playing with a parachute and played a game of “Sharks and Minos”. Everyone had a blast! Over at the Stables, I visited with my horse friends and saw campers learning the different seat positions while riding a horse. It was such a nice day outside; the Ukulele class practiced their songs in Chapel. The Mountaineering group took some of the campers on a fun hike to the top of Old Bald. Everyone was so excited about tonight’s Evening Program, the Talent Show! The girls had so much fun showing off their unique talents and being cheered on by their fellow campers! What a day!

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