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Last Day of Camp

2016_08_09I woke up and saw that my friend the Wompus Cat had come through and left little red kisses on the noses and cheeks of my camper friends. He too is filled with folly.

It’s been a rainy day here at Camp Merrie-Woode, but no one is letting that dampen their spirit. We started off in Castle for our last devotional which was presented to us by the Wynkyn and Peter Pan cabins. After, some of the campers were presented with awards for different activities. During the first three activity periods, all the swim classes were presented with their awards for passing swim levels. All the other activities went on as normal. After rest hour, the whole camp gathered on the swim dock to watch the Synchronized Swimming class’s routine. What fun! The girls worked so hard through the session and it definitely payed off.

Later, all the campers went up to Castle to watch a movie, which was perfect for this weather. At night, the campers got dressed up for Banquet. They enjoyed a big dinner before watching the counselors perform and enjoyed the end of session slideshow!! I’m still smiling.

Swinging from the trees,


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