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The Healing Force

2016_08_03I was sleeping in Lily Pad this morning, when a familiar smell woke me up. It was my llama friends, they came back to hang out with the Nature classes on the Waterfall Field. The campers took them walking down the camp road, so I decided to follow them. On my way, I saw Weaving working on their projects and Arts & Crafts were painting scenes of Old Bald. Over on the Landsports Field, the Landsports classes were playing kickball. I even saw a camper get a home run! Since I was close by, I walked over to the Stables to see what my horse friends were up to. One group of campers was washing a horse, while the other group went on a trail ride. I wanted to see what was happening over on the Tennis Courts, so I made a shortcut through King Arthur’s Court and saw the Tumbling class teaching campers how to do a cartwheel. What fun! During 2nd period Tennis, campers got to play a fun game called “Fruit Bowl”, where the counselor assigns each camper to a fruit. When they call out their fruit, the camper has to hit the tennis ball before it hits the ground. The campers had a blast!

After lunch, our friends from The Healing Force returned to teach the campers how to beat African drums, sing songs, and do some tribal dancing. What fun! Later, the campers got to share what they learned with everyone during the Evening Program. What a sight!

Still dancing,


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