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2016_08_01It’s the first official day of camp and everyone was so excited to start their activities. I was sleeping in the Nature Nook when I heard little voices fill the air. I looked around to see campers in the Nature Nook, eager to get started. They gathered rocks, flowers, and other cool things to make their names with. Over on the Landsports Field, a group of campers had fun playing a game of World Cup. I then decided to see what was happening at the Barn, so I walked down the road. The campers who were taking horseback riding were getting acquainted with my horse friends. The mountaineering group hung out in King Arthur’s Court and taught some campers how to climb the rock wall. They had a blast! Up on the Tennis Courts, campers were playing a fun game of Jail, where the campers have to hit the ball over the net or go to “Jail” until they can catch someone else’s ball to free themselves. What folly!

After lunch, I went down to the docks and saw everyone was having fun on the lake. In Swim Class, all the campers who passed their swim evaluation were splashing around in the water. And, the Boating classes had fun paddling around on the lake. In Ceramics, campers got to enjoy making pinch pots and the Arts & Crafts classes got to paint today. Everyone was excited about tonight’s Evening Program, Deck the Counselor, where each cabin dressed up their counselor in a silly costume and made up a fun skit to perform together! It’s the perfect cabin bonding night to start!

Off to frolic in the moonlight,


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