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Closing Campfire

2016_08_08While I was swinging through the trees this morning, I saw a lot of campers enjoying their activities. The Ceramics classes have been busy painting their figurines while the Arts & Crafts classes got to paint with puff paint. While I was hanging out with the Landsports class, two campers got bulls-eyes in Archery. I saw some of my horse friends walking on the main camp road this morning, while I was swinging to my favorite building, Tajar! The sewing class was working on pillow cases and the Ukulele class was practicing their songs. They sounded so good! The Mountaineering group took a few campers on a hike up Old Bald this morning while the boating group got to take a few campers on the river. What fun!

Later on, I went swinging through the trees to visit the Nature Nook! Bob Gudger of Wolf Tales was visiting Nature classes with a beautiful Red Wolf. He talked all about wolves and their natural habitat. It was very interesting and his wolf was so friendly—we even got to pet him!

Tonight’s Evening Program was Closing Campfire. After singing some songs around the campfire, everyone gathered on the Swim Docks to sing Taps. As per tradition, Denice recited Dammie and Ruth’s Closing Prayer. I hope that every camper takes these words with her as she returns to her home:

“God of the Hills, grant me Thy strength to go back into the cities without faltering, strength to help my neighbor who has no hills to remember…”

With love,


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